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Final Report: Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine
We are pleased to present to you the report of the AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel / Palestine. The Task Force was charged with helping the Executive Board consider the nature and extent to which AAA might contribute – as an Association – to addressing the issues that the Israel/Palestine political situation raises for us as anthropologists, as an Association, and as an association of anthropologists.
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Too Expensive to Eat: When Food Becomes Money in a Rural Village of Fiji
The commodification of various traditionally produced and procured foodstuffs, like taro and fish has been a gradual and uneven process in rural villages of Fiji, over time rendering these foods “too expensive to eat” for many households. Read more in this column from the Society for Medical Anthropology in Anthropology News.
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Sign-Up for AAA 2015 Workshops
Register now to attend workshops at the 2015 annual meeting! To create a more focused and professional development oriented workshop series, AAA has established four different workshop tracks: Academic Training and Career Development, Practicing and Applied Career Development, Technical Skill Development, and Humanistic Anthropology. Space is limited, so register early to guarantee yourself a spot!
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Two Views on Anthropologists and Boycotts
Anthropology News shares two essays that discuss the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement (BDS) as it relates to current discussions among anthropologists.
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AAA Saddened by the Loss of Ernestine Friedl
The AAA is saddened by the loss of Ernestine Friedl, who served as the organization’s president from 1974 – 75. Born August 13, 1920, Ernestine served as the president of the American Ethnological Society (1967) and was the first female Dean of Arts and Sciences and Trinity College at Duke University.
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Register for the Fall Webinar Series!
The next webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21 and will discuss the Anthropology of Tourism with Quetzil Castaneda.
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"Post Gezi Sensibilities and the Recent Turkish Elections," a post by Dr. Sumi Colligan on the AAA blog. https://t.co/1mCjoBJGnS
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RT @SAPIENS_org: Have an idea for a great popular anthro piece? Pitch it to us on Twitter. #AAA2015 https://t.co/uCAweu7i0d

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